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Our Facility

At TLS, our processing phase is carefully structured with multiple stations, each designed to ensure a durable, high-quality, and effective repair for your vehicle. Through this well-coordinated process, we guarantee that your vehicle receives the utmost attention and undergoes all necessary steps to deliver a long-lasting and exceptional repair outcome.

Exterior main view of the TLS Automotive office.

Main Office

The station operates comprehensive damage assessments, estimations, and appointments. Our collaborative approach extends to partnering with all insurance companies, as our objective revolves around ensuring the fulfillment of your specific requirements.

The structural repair station at TLS Automotive.

Structural Repair Station

Within this facility, a dedicated area is equipped with four lifts and two framing machines, enabling the provision of structural services such as straightening damaged frames.

The body and metal work station at TLS Automotive.

Body and Metal Work Station

Our team is entrusted with the responsibility of meticulously repairing a wide range of damages encountered on the body of vehicles, including but not limited to dents, scratches, and various external and internal impairments.

TLS Automotive's high end paint station.

Painting and Mixing Station

Our Painting and Mixing station adheres to meticulous procedures to ensure the precise and effective application of a factory-matched coat onto your vehicle. At TLS, we utilize a range of paints, coatings, and specialty materials sourced exclusively from PPG.

The assembly and inspection station at TLS Automotive.

Assembly and Inspection Station

Following the completion of repairs, vehicles undergo a comprehensive re-assembly process and are subjected to thorough inspections aimed at detecting any faults or flaws. Once the inspection phase is concluded, cleaning and washing procedures are carried out to ensure your vehicle is in pristine condition for pick up or delivery.

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