What kind of services do we offer?

At TLS, we specialize in collision repair services to restore your vehicle’s condition and address any damages it has sustained. Trust us to expertly repair collision-related damages, ensuring your vehicle is brought back to its pre-damaged state.

Frame Straightening

Restoring a vehicle’s frame to the exact specifications stated by the manufacturer.

Precise Color Matching

We formulate paint mix from PPG that exactly match the color of a vehicle’s factory finish.

Domestic & Import Repairs

Here at TLS we are higly experienced at repairing any vehicle- Domesitc or imported.

Automotive Repair

Repairing Internal damages a car experiences through a collision or wear.

Damage Assessments

An assessment conducted to calculate all damages a vehicle sustains after an accident or incident.

Insurance Claims

We work with all insurance companies and policyholders with losses experienced through accidents.

Window Replacements

Replacing scratched, cracked or shattered side windows and windshields.

Automotive Body Work

Repairing dents, scratches or other external damages experienced through a collision or wear.

Services Provided by TLS are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Don’t see a service you’re looking for? Contact us with any questions regarding services not listed.